Get help with all of your business needs in one place.
es Networks Philippines Inc. offers comprehensive Japanese language services to
assist Japanese companies expanding their business in the Philippines.
We also provide assistance with their back-office operations including
accounting/tax practice, human resources and legal work.

Our Strengths


Japanese-English Bilingual Customer Support

Our Japanese-English bilingual staff, with their strong expertise in accounting and tax practice, assists with our clients’ back office operations in liaison with the management department at the head office, the representative office in the Philippines, and the local employees.


Japanese “Hospitality”

The Philippines is one of the most advanced countries in offering great business opportunities for women in the world. Each of our female staff has been trained in Japanese hospitality and provides the most attentive and highest quality service to our clients.


One-stop Service for Various Business Needs

We offer various services your company may need in the Philippines in addition to accounting and tax practice such as human resources, legal work, company incorporation, visa application for representatives and many others.
“es Networks Philippines Inc. Does It ALL”


Liaison Service with Reliable Local Partners

We have strong connections and long term relationships with local attorneys and accountants in the Philippines. Our liaison service between clients and these local partners make it easy for our clients to deal with matters requiring professional expertise.


Strong knowledge of accounting/tax practice, legal work, business practice and the culture of the Philippines

With our director’s extensive experience in the Philippines and our highly skilled local staff, we’re committed to providing the highest quality service and assistance to accounting/tax practice, legal work, business practice and cultural concerns in the Philippines.

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